The idiom “Time Marches On” is said to mean – time continues to pass whether we are cognizant of, acknowledge, or like the fact…

When I first wrote the song “Time” in 1974, I didn’t even use the phrase, “Time marches on”, I just sang:

“Lie lie la lie, your birthday’s just around the corner
Lie lie la lie, I hope you know you’re getting older”

It was more or less a Simon & Garfunkel style folk song modeled after “The Boxer” that was a favorite of mine.  In the 80’s, I was in a Christian Pop Punk band called “Lifeline” and we did a very upbeat version and that’s when the lyrics changed to:

“Time marches on, your birthday’s just around the corner
Time marches on, I hope you know you’re getting older”

Album cover art by Kaleb Whiteford

The real story behind the title track of our latest EP “Time” began on January the 2nd, 1974.  It was my dad’s birthday – Edward Clifford Campbell Sr. turned 60 years old. During the celebration at one point, my older brother Eddie said to my dad, “You’re really an old man now!” My dad quickly replied, “It comes a lot quicker than you think.”

I was just 22 years old at the time, and I was struck with the realization of how truthful his response was. Being a young believer, I was aware of several scriptures from God’s word about life being “a mere breath” or like a “passing shadow” – Psalm 144:4.  Not long after that, being a musician, I picked up my Martin guitar and started finger-picking and making melodies until I fell upon the song “Time”.  So grateful to have the opportunity to produce this one with the weak & the few.  I really prefer this rendition with Sierra, Abby, and Lydia on the vocals – so compelling.

The video we just made for this song is a bit of a chronology of my immediate family in pictures and videos. One of my dad’s favorite hobbies was photography, so we have a lot of slides, pics, and videos from over the years. Thank God for all those memories of growing up in such an awesome family.

Shout out to my mom – Sara – who responded to the call to be, “born again” later in her life.  She faithfully prayed for each one of us and shared the gospel unashamedly to anyone who crossed her path.
I’m the little guy on the beach with the hat (the middle child).  My mom shared the gospel with me when I was just 17 and through her kind and persevering love for me, God softened my heart to the gospel. Both her and my dad were affectionate parents and God the Father used that in my life to draw me to himself.

From Oldest to Youngest
affy ● Susan ● Eddie ● Timmy ● Harry ● David
Sally ● Beth ● Larry ● Marie ● Chrissy

Ed and Sara

Enjoy the show!

: )~

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