“the weak & the few” are Christian artists from Sovereign Grace Church of Maryland who love to use their musical gifts to glorify God in a variety of contexts. From serving on music teams in their local churches, to creative writing and production, their goal is to proclaim the glorious truths of the gospel in compelling musical ways.

The band came together out of the church’s music ministry.  Dave Campbell, Abby Cannon, Sierra Wells, and Lydia England are the primary members.  Roger Hooper (composer/keyboardist extraordinaire) from Grace Church of Clarksburg, Maryland is also featured on most of our work.

We can thank Pastor Jared Mellinger from Covenant Fellowship Church in Philadelphia, PA for the inspiration of the band’s name.  While preaching on the church from the life of Gideon at a conference in 2013, he spoke these words which rang true in our hearts, “God delights to work through the weak and the few…”  Thanks Jared!

Current band members
Vocals: Sierra Cook, Abby Cannon, Lydia England
Guitars, bass, drums, sequencing: Dave Campbell
Keys: Roger Hooper

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