Remember Christ Our Savior

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The subject of “memory” can be a sore subject with some of us. The truth is, we constantly need to be reminded of a lot of things in order to be able to fulfil important obligations. It begins when we’re very young and our parents are always warning and reminding us of everything; both the good and the bad. There are a host of everyday things that we need to be reminded of like: “it’s time to get up”, or “it’s Tuesday so don’t forget to put out the trash”; and also, there’s birthdays and anniversaries, and on and on.

For many of these types of responsibilities or chores, we have those blessed little helpers – the calendar and the alarm clock.  Think about the term “alarm”. One of Webster’s definitions for alarm is: “to strike with fear”; I don’t know about you, but sometimes when my alarm wakes me it is a bit of a shock to the system that totally upends that little place of paradise where I was comfortably resting.

The word “remember” is used in the bible between 200 to 300 times depending on the version you read. Many of the uses describe how God will “remember” his covenant with his people or to remind them that they were once slaves in Egypt. He is always kind to remind us of the importance of obeying his commands and also of the rich rewards we will have in eternity if we trust in him.

The most important reminder in life though, is the one to, “Remember Christ our Savior, was born on Christmas day…” The ability to remember is a huge challenge; and even if we can get it right for a season, we often can’t be trusted to pass it along to the next generation. According to Charles Spurgeon, the most important thing to remember is that the Savior never forgets us:
Oh! it is not my remembering God, it is God’s remembering me which is the ground of my safety; it is not my laying hold of his covenant, but his covenant’s laying hold on me. Glory be to God! the whole of the bulwarks of salvation are secured by divine power, and even the minor towers, which we may imagine might have been left to man, are guarded by almighty strength. Even the remembrance of the covenant is not left to our memories, for we might forget, but our Lord cannot forget the saints whom he has graven on the palms of his hands.

Thank God, he will never leave us or forsake us!

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Merry Christmas from the weak & the few!

: )~

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