Welcome to our new website! We are soooo glad you stopped by. It truly is a wonderful thing to have someone – anyone – visit and actually take time to browse and read.  When you’ve invested time, energy, and effort researching and producing various items that you hope will be of some of interest to your readers (and for a band – listeners), you anticipate they will take a moment – ponder together with you – and be blessed.  So it needs to be said, that we are very grateful that you have given of your valuable time to spend a few moments with us and hopefully some of what we share will prove to be of value to you and yours.

Music that comes from the weak & the few has been born out of a love for the gospel and a desire to serve the Savior, His beloved church family, and His mission to the lost. In the future we hope to be able to have lot’s of fun discussing many of the favorite things we get to do as “church-band” musicians (instrumentalists and vocalists), and tech-teams (the one’s who do sound reinforcement). We’ll be discussing some church-band philosophy, tips and tricks we’ve learned, ideas we’ve found helpful, song recommendations, links to music and video, and hopefully much more. Keep your eyes peeled and please contact us with any questions/comments.

Well, thanks again for stopping by! I’m off to finish up the launch of our website and make sure that if you wish to contact us, your email will go to the correct address… (We may also try to make it possible to subscribe to our posts in the not-too-distant future…)

mr. c
: )~

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